What's Been "H"appening 03/23/03
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi All,
Wasn't today a great day!!  The sun was shinning, and very bright with a wee bit of chill in the air.  This morning about 0830hrs, I was off to rendezvous with the rough riders of chapter H at Mickey D's.  There was a hail and hearty group all gathering around at the local coral with their big ole ponies, sipping coffee and just rarin' to go.  With weather like this, how could we say no to our big wings.  Lets go, lets go, lets get ready to rock 'n roll.
Our group consisted of; Tom Leith, sergeant Russ Prichard, jumpin' Joe Hughes, dancing Dick Sieple, Mike Matrich, doctor Cary Levin, jungle Jim Lamontagna, trusty Bruce Hirsch, Sir Malcom & Christine Irwin with their lovely daughter Kirsty, gentleman George Riebesehl, rov'n Robert Sample, and of course yours truly.
This morning our place of fine dining cuisine would be at the Crystal Palace in Crystal Lake, ILL.  Our weekly chow run will pay homage to a bon appetite breakfast, a meal fit for a king.
I took the lead and ran the seldom used roads of many twists and turns, not very direct, but nonetheless we arrived at our prescribed time schedule.
We were promptly seated at the familiar rectangular table -- so let the shenanigans begin.  The kibitzing was at its best!  Pour the coffee and the socializing will commence.  Yes siree, the folks of chapter H know how to mingle with the best of good intentions.
But alas, time's-a-waste'n, no more city dude living for us.  Our big ole ponies were waiting for us in the local coral, kickin' up their heels and yelling "lets go you ole cowpokes".  So it is time to saddle up and promenade into the wild blue yonder.
Most decided that they had other chores to do and things to attend to with places to go.  Seven of us decided more back road riding was definitely in store.  These ponies need more exercise after being corralled in the stables all week.  Our traveling motley crew consisted of; jumpin' Joe, dancing Dick, Mike Matrich, trusty Bruce, gentleman George, rov'n Robert and of course, yours truly.
I took the lead, and traversed west, north, east, back west and even further north.  The roads that were selected had many dipsy-dos, and many curves, just to keep it interesting, I managed to get lost only 3 or 4 times, had no clue  what direction we were heading in, and as always, finally figured out we were in the dairy state of cheese landers.  We circumvented Twin Lakes, Power lakes and finally headed through the town of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  That town was packed with traffic.  It was bumper to bumper.  After stopping at a light in the middle of town and no place to go, what do you think happened?  Well folks, you simply will not believe this, jumpin' Joe and gentleman George, demounted their ponies and started to dance right in the middle of the street.  What a crowd they drew.  All the horns were honking, with all of the cheering.  Bruce's air horns woke up the next town.  These guys are great!!  Very entertaining, at that!  No more whoopin' 'n hollarin', we just had to depart town before the locals caught us.  Anyway, we headed west out of town and took a few old rustic roads in the back woods of the Geneva area.  Eventually heading south then east, homeward bound.  I managed to stay on all the squirrelly roads that I could find, just to make it interesting and eventful.
Well after 185 safe miles of traveling, it made for a fun riding day, and a good time was had by all who attended.  One more thing, no ICE CREAM STOP!!  Can you believe that.  Actually the weather became warmer as the day progressed.  On or about 1500hrs, the temps were in the mid 70's.  What a change from early this morning.  As were all approached our final destination, a good day was bid to all and a great week was wished onto to everyone.
The weatherman, and the good Lord sure did take care of us today.  Today, was a motorcyclist's delight.  It just does not get any better than this.
So until next time, lets be especially careful our there while riding our ponies.  Those four wheelers are lurking everywhere.
Your unruly rep,