What’s Been “H”appening February 26th, 2006

by Chris Irwin, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H


Although the sun was shinning, the temps were still a little cold.  Not too cold for Joel to come out on his bike for breakfast!  Sadly all others turned up in four wheels, including: George, Joe H, Mac, Chris, Kirsty, Trudy, Roy, Bill, Russ, and Bob. After coffee at McDonald’s it was decided to go to Sandpiper for breakfast, so having a reservation for 9:30 am, we all set off, riding in our own time we planned to all get there for 9:30.


Immediately, we were seated and our fine dinning began.  There was lots to talk about as the coffee flowed.  The food was good as always and the service was excellent too.  All of our new riders enjoy the camping side of riding so we may well have some good attendance at some of the motorcycle rallies this year, instead of just Mac, Chris and Kirsty.  After many cups of coffee we finally had to say our goodbyes and continue on with our day.


In just a few short weeks, we are expecting the sun to come out and the temps to warm to give us time to ride a while.  Until then, we continue getting our chores completed after breakfast.  Hope to see you all in the next few weeks, keep polishing, it will be time to let them stretch their legs soon!

Until next time,

Ride safe,