What's Been "H"appening 02/24/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
     Hi everyone,
Let me tell you about Sunday's beautiful day.  On the 24th of Feb., the weather was perfect.  Can you believe it was 40 degrees when I left the house about 0820.  The high time temps were expected in the 60's.  Actually the record high on Sunday was recorded at 61 degrees.  It just does not get any better than this!!
Well a hearty group meet at Mickey D's this morning.  It was suggested by Fritz Goins, to head out to Aurora, Ill where the gambling boat is having a real nice breakfast buffet.  So off we all traveled to the boat.  Our group on their big ole ponies consisted of:  Fritz Goins, Crusty Gregg French, assistant rep Lloyd Tatman, assistant rep ole Joel Gyurnek, lucky Larry Greco, jumpin Joe Hughes, Mike Hanus, our newest member Bob Sample and of course yours truly.  Mark and Paulette Brenton showed up, however, did not accompany us to breakfast due to other events that they needed to attend to.  There were a few on four wheels, Jimbo and Dawn Garner, Lester Chapman, Sergeant Russ Prichard, dancing Dick Sieple and of course Carol Goins who meet us at the boat in Aurora, Ill.
Once we arrived this hearty group showed all of those people what eatin' is all about.  We at chapter H know how to chow down.  After we  all filled our little tummies to the brim, its off we go into the wild blue yonder riding our big ole ponies.
Our riding group consisted of crusty Gregg, assistant rep Lloyd, assistant rep ole Joel, Lucky Larry, jumpin Joe, Bob and trusty ole me, yours truly.
The weather was absolutely sunny and beautiful, also very windy, but alas, these wings could easily handle it.  I took the lead and ole Joel had the sweep position.  Unfortunately, by this time, Joel and Lloyd had to break lose from our group.  Joel, wanted to see his grandson play soccer and Lloyd had to help his son due some electrical work at his new house.  As we departed company we wished them safe driving and bided those guys a good day.   Our heading was first north and working our way west towards DeKalb, ILL and eventually heading northwest towards the Rockford--Belvidere area.  Naturally, only the lonely back roads will do.  From that point we headed north into Clinton, Wisconsin and eventually turned east towards the Lake Geneva area where we took some crusty ole rustic back burner roads.  Eventually, we circumvented Lake Geneva and headed homeward bound.  We stopped in Woodstock, Ill for some refreshments and to fuel our big ole ponies for the moderate ride back home.
This beautiful day, will live in memory forever.  For this time of year in the Midwest area, this weather is unreal.  The good Lord was certainly kind to us motorcyclist today, and the weather man did cooperate to the fullest extend.  Most of us, just did not want this day to end--because it does not get better than this.  We traveled on or about 200 very safe miles.
In closing, please, lets be especially careful out there.  Rubber down, plastic side up.

                                            Dick Scalpone
                                            Chapter H Rep