What's Been "H"appening 02/17/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
     Hey, how is everyone doing today?  What a lovely day, this Sunday morning and afternoon was.  Here it is , just a few days after Valentine's day on the seventeen of February, and the weather just does not get any better than this.  It was absolutely beautiful outside, this morning the temps were in the upper 20's and this early and late afternoon the temps stayed in the mid 30's all day.  It just does not get any better than this.  Mother nature was certainly kind to all of us today.
 As I pulled in the McDonald's parking lot this morning there were six big ole ponies rarin' to go.  The pony riders were, assistant rep Lloyd Tatman, assistant rep ole Joel Gyurnek, lucky Larry Greco, Fritz Goins, our newest member Bob Sample, and of course yours truly.  The rest of the crew were driving 4 wheelers, and they were Les (it is a wee bit too cold out) Chapman, Beverly Markward, Bruce Hirsch, sergeant Russ Prichard, jumpin' Joe Hughes and our guests Malcolm and Christie Irwin with their lovely 11 year old daughter.
  Lester called and got us reservations at the Genoa city Family restaurant in the heart of town off of route 72.  I took the lead out of Mickey D's parking lot and headed towards Genoa, Illinois via the back roads only.  As we approached the restaurant our stomachs were really growling for much needed food.  But alas, this chapter rep got them there on time with a  hungry appetite.
  As we were all sitting around our assigned table, our group of hungry motorcyclist actually got entertained by our lovely waitress and yours truly when we said "Zip pity do dad, Zip pity day, my oh my what a wonderful day".  Actually the waitress finally got the rest of the troops to join in on our morning singing ritual lead by this old crusty chapter rep.
  Good ole Joel actually behaved himself today.  Lloyd was keeping him on the straight and narrow (thank you Lord).  Actually lucky Larry, Fritz and a few others  like Les and Bev really could use some singing lessons, I offered, but to no avail, was turned down.
After we all filled our ferocious appetites and socialized a plenty, our departure was soon imminent.  As we all were leaving, Bruce was still singing and was he off key.  My dog howls better than that.  The waitress offered to pay for his breakfast if he would just leave and stop his horrid singing, to which he did take her up on.
  After departing the restaurant and meeting up in the parking lot to were our ponies were parked, just four of us decided to travel on.  Lucky Larry had some "honey do" chores at home, Fritz went to spend some quality time with his daughter, and the rest on their four wheelers headed homeward bound.
  Lloyd took the lead and we went way out west and south so Lloyd can pay a short visit to his mom's house at the farm in West Brooklyn, Illinois.  What a surprise she had when Lloyd brought his 3 rowdy rebel rousers from the chapter.  Ole Joel was being his ole self as usual.  He was spooking the dogs and cats and all the animals plus dear old mom.  It is a good thing Bob Sample and I were there, we were able to contain him and calm ole Joel down.  After that, he became a very good boy.  (see Lloyd, I told you I can control ole Joel).  After spending some 45 minutes or so, we 4 decided to head out and do a little more traveling on this fine Sunday afternoon.  It was certainly a cool crisp day to say the least.  Lloyd took the lead, as we all said goodbye to his mom, we headed west and North.  We traveled on U.S. 30 to U.S. 52 and headed north to Dixon, Illinois.  At that point, I took the lead and we all headed north on Illinois route 2 to Oregon, Illinois and headed along the Illinois Rock River on the west bank.  As we approached Byron, Ill we pick up Ill route 72 and headed east bound onto U.S. 20 and homeward bound were all headed.  What a great day, the good Lord sure blessed us with fine weather and 230 miles of safe driving.
 Until the next time, be safe, be very careful.

                                            Dick Scalpone
                                             Chapter Rep