What's Been "H"appening 02/10/01
By Les Chapman, AGWA Chapter-H Area Representative

     Just a note from your rep about what's been happening in 2001 . Our first snow man came out on a bike at the end of January. I think it was 12 degrees that day. It had to be 20 below with the wind chill even though it was dry. Lloyd Tatman was alone that day because Leona said you are not getting me on that thing in this weather. Smart move girl. Joel was are first rider to our meeting in January and came home with a talking fish. Carolyn says he will not go to sleep without it. It has a good beat but you can't dance to it. For our January dinner run we went to the Diamond Buffet restaurant in Glen Ellyn. 24 people turned out for the dinner. Thanks to all who showed up. Our meeting place is still temporary and Oakfield's is trying to be real helpful, but the restaurant is just too small. We hope to have some Ideas for our February meeting. Tomorrow is the Bike Show and we are looking forward to seeing a lot of old FRIENDS and new BIKES. I Hope to have more about the bike show in our next newsletter. The summer rides are starting to take shape. We are going to Niehaus for the open house. Maybe St. Louis and Indiana for weekend trips. Also to an Amish Village in Indiana. I hope to see all our chapter members out on our rides this year. So lets pray for dry warm weather soon . Les