What's Been "H"appening 01/13/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi all, how is everyone doing today?  On this Sunday, 13 Jan 02, a hearty group of chapter H journeyed on a chow run this morning.  It was slightly overcast, and a crisp tingle in the air.  Morning temps were about 25 to 29 degrees.  VERY REFRESHING.   Our group consisted of Brush Hirsch, Lucky Larry and Nancy Greco, Lloyd and Leona Tatman, ole Joel (four leaf clover in his wallet) Gyurnek, our guest Bob Sample and yours truly.
Our morning journey took us to the Lakewood restaurant on Lake street in Hanover Park.  There we all filled our tummies and our hunger was completely satisfied.  We all sat around and socialized as we all know how.  A certain individual, naturally hassled the poor waitress, his name shall not be mentioned but his initials could be J.G.  I wonder who that could be.
Only 3 of us hearty souls rode our ponies.  Our guest, Bob Sample, ole Joel Gyurnek, and yours truly.
Afterwards, the 3 of us musketeers parted company with the rest of the crew and decided to do a little riding on this cold crisp Sunday morning.  It is a good thing we all bundled up, me in my snowmobile suit, Joel with his leathers, and Bob with six layers of clothing.  So off we went, I took the lead and ole Joel had sweep with Bob in the middle (he has no CB).  We ventured out on U.S. 20 westward, and established a back road route, naturally.  As we traversed back and forth through, hills and curves, we eventually neared Woodstock, Illinois.  And guess what ole Joel suggested that we do?  Absolutely correct, head for his favorite shopping place, "Farm and Fleet" store.  Joel likes to spend money.  So we all stopped and stretched our legs and walked around the humongous store.  Joel and Bob went on a shopping spree.  I tagged along and kept both of these young whipper snappers in check, seeing as how I am the "old guy", they look upon me as the fatherly image.  Time sure flies when you are having fun.  We must have spent an hour there.
Having done that, its off we go, west and north once again in our travels.  Taking the lead, I took our hearty group into Wisconsin, as we did the semi-circle of Lake Geneva, and its surrounding area, we decided a pit stop was in order, (after all, the cold finally gets to us).  So to Mickey D's we went and had a cup of java and socialized some.  Naturally, ole Joel was up to his old tricks, he just had to hassle some of the young patrons, just busting their chops.  So Bob started in and joined Joel, it was a good thing I was along to control those guys.  As their fatherly image, I was able to control and keep things in perspective.  Lucky thing, these guys have me along.  I have good sense not to do these things.
After refreshments, time was moving along, about  1645 hrs into the day and the sun was setting, so off we went, homeward bound.  We zig and zagged on the lonely roads in a homeward way.  Eventually, arriving, to our finally destination on or about 1800 hrs.  We racked up on or about 170 safe miles.  Another day, well spent with the hearty troops.  And a grand time was had by all.
Until the next time, lets be really careful out there.  The rubber side should remain down, and the beautiful plastic side in the up right position.

Dick Scalpone
AGWA-IL Chapter H