The Following was featured in the July Issue and the 25th Anniversary Issue of G.W.R.R.A.'s Wing World Magazine. Is is a photo of A.G.W.A. Chapter H Member's John and Chris Higgins' 1988 Gold Wing.

On the Cover
July 2002 Issue
“Celebrating Freedom” is the theme of this year’s Wing Ding XXIV in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Depicting this theme is this Phantom Gray 1988 Gold Wing GL1500/6 owned by John & Christine Higgins, GWRRA #118610, of West Chicago, Illinois, shown here.
Both the cover shot and the cover photo for this year’s Wing Ding Program (included in this issue) feature detail shots of the bike’s custom artwork added by Bert Ballowe (Ballowe Artistry). The artwork simulates the gray paint and metal ripping back to reveal a wavy United States flag. The back of the travel trunk again simulates metal ripping away to reveal a majestic eagle flying over mountainous scenery.
Many thanks to John & Christine Higgins and Bert & Sheryl Ballowe for helping us to capture the theme “Celebrating Freedom” in this issue.